Art Forum Berlin


Berlin; Germany
design, structural, climatic and accoustic planning
4500 m2
student project under supervision of Prof. Rainer Hascher, TU Berlin

with Björn Mündner, Moritz Marqurdt, Duraid Kenan

For 65 years ‘Gleisdreieck’ in Berlin, a 36-hectare rail-yard in the heart of the city, lay fallow and overgrown, only servicing metropolitan and long-distance trains running through. Its empty spaces have now been developed into a vast and multifunctional urban park. The proposed art hall is purposefully placed in the park’s centre at the junction of train lines, forming an urban crossway that connects three neighbourhoods and thus contributing to the overall revitalisation of area. Two big halls, the ‘white cube’ and the ‘black box’, are linked by an underground pedestrian passage, which also leads to the foyer. The ‘white cube’ is covered by a seamless, translucent membrane, through which the interior space is illuminated with smooth, white light, turning the exhibition room into a three-dimensional white canvas for the curator to freely configure. The underground ‘black box’ follows the same principal, only the other way around, and completely absorbs light and sound, devouring all dimensions. Built-in furniture, a sophisticated lighting system and a 3D sound system make possible a vast array of configurations. The ‘white cube’, with its natural lighting, is suited mostly to the exhibition of paintings and sculptures, whilst the ‘black box’ is specifically suited to the performing arts and new media.