Event and exhibition

2009 - 2016

various designs
self employed                        in cooperation with        Vitamin e

In 2009 I began designing fit-outs for trade fairs, events and stores. While some projects were fully realised and others remained pure concepts I have developed in-depth experience and skills in concept development and design, through to planning and project management. The designs, usually for competitions, are tailored for a vast array of purposes and clients, including most often for Samsung Electronics, as well as for Adidas, Symio, TomTom, Vodafone, Oculus Rift, Philips, Puma, Media Markt and Opel. From small display furniture through to events spanning thousands of square metres, a wide range of concepts have been developed, such as the fit-out of a promotion truck for Adidas and classic trade fair design and national touring events. Only a selection of projects is shown, as there are too many to individually detail here.