The 4loq system


Berlin; Germany
System in use
concept and development
0.32 m2
self employed in cooperation with 4LOQ GmbH

Dealing increasingly with trade fair designs arose awareness of the current throw-away-culture practiced in the industry. Huge resources are invested in just two or three days of events and all products are usually disposed after use. The search for more sustainable solutions led into the own childhood. Inspired by the little architects favourite toy, the LEGO cubes, the 4LOQ system contains of design cubes measuring 80cm x 40 cm x 35 cm. They can be moved by just one single person and they don't need any tools for assembling, so that the costs and the time needed to build a booth is reduced drastically. To optimise logistics the dimensions of the cubes are fitted to euro-pallets. The plug-system creates a very solid structure and from seating elements, counters and walls to whole rooms everything is possible.  The front panels can be easily exchanged and printed for customisation. An aluminium profile which is hidden behind the fron panels serves as a universal rail to attach shelves, products and screens. Electronic products can be wired throughout the structure via a cable channel on each side of the cubes. The 4LOQ Ltd is manufacturing and renting the system since 2011. Ever since it has been proven to be very efficient and versatile in many events.