The sommerloch beer-garden


Berlin; Germany         proposal
planning stages 1-3
625 m2
Freischaerler project

An empty site on Tor Street, Berlin, was to be used as a summer beer garden. The site was thickly overgrown with trees and boarded by 20m-high fire walls on its eastern and western sides. It needed to be cost-efficient to build and to be erected and dismantled quickly. The owner had already secured sponsorship from a beer company and also had an uncle with a scaffolding company. This led to the idea of using plastic beer crates and scaffolding as the bar’s fundamental structure. The scaffolding made possible a second storey and divided the bar into different zones - a cafe, a beer garden, a sun deck, a lounge and a BBQ area. Large volumes inside the scaffolding structure separate the space and act as acoustic insulators, protecting neighbours from noise pollution. They also function as lighting elements at night time. All bars, benches and other furniture are made from clusters of beer crates, allowing for the sponsor’s logo to be conspicuously displayed. The tree trunks are painted red and themselves become a feature. By adding many plants an urban jungle is created. Aluminium foil pasted onto the fire walls reflect sunlight onto the shaded site.