Basketball arena in anji


Zhejiang; China
Competition 1st prize
completed 2010
planning stages 1-4      
12,800 m2
Internship at STI Design


The sports arena in the prosperous Chinese town of Anji not only holds large events but also serves as a sports centre for the local population. In addition to the large basketball arena and the smaller tennis hall, the multifunctional stadium contains badminton courts, an outside swimming pool and many other additional functions such as a sports shop and change- and administration rooms. Despite the arena’s unavoidably bulky volume, it seeks to blend into the picturesque and hilly landscape. Its asymmetrical halls with natural stone facades lying like herculean boulders atop a topographically shaped semi-basement which follows the contours of the surrounding landscape. Accented and in places overgrown with giant bamboo iconic to the region, the structure naturally fades into the hilly backdrop. The semi-basement contains basic functions and services and extends out in the form of long ramps which form the main entrance-ways. The shape of the large hall consequently follows that of the spectator stands around the basketball court. As the volume extends to the east it fractures open to form the entrance hall in a grand, inviting gesture to the public as they approach from the car park.