universal Music canteen

2013 - 2014

Berlin; Germany
Competition 1st prize
Planning stages 1-9
480 m2


The German headquarters of Universal Music Ltd is situated in a former 1920s-built cold storage warehouse right next to a famous Berlin landmark and symbol of the city's unity, the Oberbaum Bridge. A new management team was about to take over the canteen, commercial kitchen and events space, so a complete renovation was to accompany and reflect these changes. In order to communicate the canteen's switch to using more regional and fresh products, the concept is based on a classic Berlin market hall - the place for local, quality food. A shelving system of steel pipes and solid pine boards functions in separating the formerly undefined hollow space into various zones, managing the foot traffic and highlighting the breathtaking panoramic views of the city and Spree River. At the same time the shelves are used to display Universal Music memorabilia from throughout its rich corporate history. The 500+ daily patrons can now choose between a restaurant area, a cafe area, a lounge area and quiet corners for smaller groups. Additional chalk boards and curtains serve as acoustic regulators and displays for the daily changing menu. These flexible elements can be adjusted to open up the different zones into a single big space for functions.